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Interior Design Consultation
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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when I have selected my preferred service?

Your interior designer will contact you within 24 hours after you have booked a consultation. A simple design questionnaire will be issued to you for completion and return so that the designer has a good understanding of your needs and wants for your room transformation. Further to this, we will need images of the room and dimensions of the space so we can get a good understanding of the environment we are working in. After invoice is paid, we will then have a formal digital meeting to discuss the design and logistics and submit the documents need. Feel free to contact your Interior Designer if you have any questions. 

How much experience do you have?

Our interior designer have had years of on the job experience in designing homes. Every project that is carried out is also reviewed by our Design Director which gives an additional level of quality assurance that you have design experts working on your project. Head into our projects tab to see our beautiful completed spaces.

Do you purchase the furniture and accessories for me?

No, for this service, we only select all the furniture, accessories and finishes required.

Detailed shopping schedules that are prepared exclusively for you will clearly outline each selected item, listed price and delivery times. Prices quoted will include all delivery charges to your home or office. Head to our Full Furniture Packages in Interior Packages tab for no-hassle purchasing and install by us. For more larger projects, head to our renovation tab for further information and assistance. 

Will you work within my budget?

Yes, it is critical that our design solution is delivered to meet your budget expectations. We have had many years of experience delivering projects large and small; everyone has a budget regardless of project size. For loose furniture & accessory decorating items, our detailed shopping schedules will show your total spend figure. For design projects that require trades persons e.g. painting we can provide an indication of expected costs. We will certainly inform you early in the design process if we think your overall budget for design related projects would not be able to achieve your desired outcome.

How long does a project take to complete?

Refer to our types of services in the Interior Packages tab for the nominated return dates.